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Ferhat KANTIK He was born in 1987 in Manisa.
-In the primary education process, all the hobbies were electronic sound equipment in the school.
-In the 5th year of education and training, he produced sound equipment in his school as a practical lesson.
– In 2001, IMO International Maritime Organization won the Maritime High School.
Ferhat KANTIK, a successful student, has not lost his interest in music and the sea after the end of his education period.
-Firstly, he started to work as a tonmaister and dj of many organization companies.
Ferhat KANTIK (DJ KANTIK), who has an interest in production, has programmed and produced instruments for many music studio technologies companies in the world.
– In 2006, he participated in many music production contests in the world and was awarded the international DJ rankings.
– TheDjList also represented the Turkish Flag by becoming one of the top 150 DJs in the world.
-2007 proj Pocket Melody olan, the first project of which was successfully realized.
– Ferhat KANTIK, who has achieved successful rankings in electronic music, presented the music policy he adopted in various entertainment companies around the world with great appreciation and received many references.
-2009 released (Electro Clubbing) album has been downloading by hundreds of thousands of people and the number of fans increased day by day.
-In 2010, recorded as the most listened Turkish Dj in the world, the search engines by giving the result of approximately 2.500.000 pages of the most sought-after and sharing the title of the most popular DJ, the country’s borders with the largest number of fans registered as Google as the major search engines such as Google in which reference was the only DJ in Turkey.
Within the scope of the Turkish Maritime Task Group 2011 Activation, he participated in various mission organizations in the metropolises of the world such as Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Karachi, Mumbai, Yambu, Dubai, and was one of the artists who organized the most international organizations in many countries.
-2012 In March, facebook.com Dj Database statistics and topdeejays.com liking and recreation statistics increased from half of the 50 most admired DJs on facebook to 39 unclu in the world with half a million registered fans.
– In the year 2012 toopdeejays.com real statistics GOOGLE / FACEBOOK / TWITTER / SOUNDCLOUD / YOUTUBE in the rest and likelihood ratio statistics in the world’s best House / Tech House / Tribal House Music producing DJs in the top 100 in the 96th place.
– Album for Miami artist revon in Florida in summer, adonx in Ibiza in Spain, Keky in Romania, White man in Serbia, Egzona Gerguri in Albania and many other world-famous sound artists in the summer of 2013 In addition to this, it has provided Mix & Mastering and Music infrastructure services to world stars such as Faydee, Claydee and sold music infrastructure services to various label companies in the club music sector.
– In 2014, he performed at the biggest entertainment venues in the world such as Freeland Moscow Club and met his audience in many countries.
– In 2015, he had concerts in 17 countries and took part in festivals. In these years, he started working with prestigious companies such as Universal Audio and D2e Music, which were included in the album with the music he prepared and prepared for the official album of Faydee and Claydee.
– In the dozens of countries he has visited, he has been the guest of important personalities such as high-level government officials and ministers.
– Ferhat KANTIK (DJ KANTIK), which has more than 1000 Production and very important music accumulation archives, currently has 3 million weekly rest statistics and has performed in nearly 20 countries.
It has formed the music infrastructure of many local and foreign artists and brought many advertisement music to the sector.



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